Spring promotion 2023 Package "Cutting and Grinding Top Seller" para Acero inox, Acero

Materiales de trabajo
Acero inox
Áreas de aplicación
Construcción de instalaciones
Construcción en acero
Construcción en metal
Fabricación de andamios
Fabricación de aparatos y tanques
Industria de procesamiento de acero inoxidable

Spring promotion 2023

Order period: 01.03. – 31.03.2023
Item number: 654108

Package “Cutting and Grinding Top Sellers”

200 pcs Cutting-off wheel A 60 TZ 125 x 1 x 22,23 (Art.Nr. 202401)

  • Time-saving work due to short cutting times
  • Clean cuts with minimum burr formation means less reworking and saves both time and costs

60 pcs Abrasive mop disc SMT 624 125 x 22,23, grit 40 (Art.Nr. 322772)

  • The long service life makes for fewer tool changes and thus reduced set-up costs
  • Economically-feasible working due to fast stock removal

Roll-up backpack as a free gift

All products are fully packaged in a promotional box - for easy handling, decorative presentation at the point of sale, and quick sell-off

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